Academic Fairs

4 months ago

2021-2022 Dates for Academic Fairs

(***School Fairs should be held at least 2 weeks before County Fairs to

 insure that there is time to get students’ names in programs. ***)


·       County Literature Fair

o   Wednesday, 

o   Make-up Date---

o   Regional Literature Fair (GSC)---


·       County Math Field Day

o   Wednesday,

o   Make-up Date

o   Regional Sr. High Math Field Day 

o   Regional Jr. High Math Field Day

o   State Math Field Day


·       County Spelling Bee

o   Wednesday, 

o   Make-up Date

o   Regional Spelling Bee 


·       County Social Studies Fair (All school fairs should be before Winter Break.)

o   Wednesday, 

o   1st make-up date

o   2nd make-up date

o   3rd make-up date

o   Regional Social Studies Fair

o   State Social Studies Fair (Charleston Civic Center)


·       Golden Horseshoe Essay Test (Scheduled by State)

o    - Group A

o  - Group B



·       Golden Horseshoe Online Test (Scheduled by State)

o    - Group A

O   - Group B

·       County Science Fair

o   Wednesday, 

o   Make-up date---


·       Golden Horseshoe Ceremony

o   Friday,