proximity and beyond

Virtual School Student Eligibility and Requirements

Webster County offers a virtual school program for students in 6th through 12th grade. Webster County Schools utilizes Proximity Learning as a virtual platform. Proximity Learning is staffed with certified West Virginia teachers who will provide live instruction to students Monday through Friday. Students will be expected to log in daily, participate in instruction, and submit assignments by due dates.

Our students may be any of the following:

  • Students who are full-time virtual school learners and complete all coursework online at home.

  • Students receiving home/hospital instruction;

  • Students who are homeschooled and wishing to enroll in the district school;

  • Students receiving educational services in alternative setting.

Students who meet the following requirements are eligible to participate in the virtual education program

  • Enrolled in Webster County Schools as a full-time student.

  • Have a signed AUP on file;

  • Must have participated in all state required assessment while in virtual school.

  • Meet county/state enrollment requirements, including health requirements such as immunizations, physicals, dentals, etc.;

  • Meet enrollment requirements for the course(s) including successful completion of any prerequisite courses;

  • Maintain a minimum grade of 70% in courses taken during the current academic year (maintain a C average for sports);

  • Must have an 80% attendance rate. Students will be counted absent if they miss logging in for a course.

  • Must have access to consistent, daily internet service.

Criteria to Remain in Virtual School

  • Maintain a minimum grade of 70% in courses taken during the current academic year (maintain a C average for sports);

  • Have access to consistent, daily internet service;

  • Follow the Acceptable Internet Use Agreement expectations;

  • Participate in 95% of Proximity Sessions with the CAMERA ON;

  • May not be chronically absent (miss more than 10% of school year for any reason);

  • Participate in the State Summative Assessment in grade 6-8 and 11.


Students may be transitioned back to traditional instruction or returned to homeschool for the following reasons:

  • Not maintaining a 70% average in each course;

  • Not progressing through coursework requirements

  • Not meeting attendance requirements;

  • Not meeting state assessment requirements.

  • Cheating, falsifying information, or plagiarizing;

  • Violating Webster County Schools policies and procedures, including rules governing the use of technology.