Annual Notices

A copy of the annual notices may be viewed at the school and a copy can be requested.

Policy 2112

Bill or Rights and Responsibilities for Students and School Personnel

Policy 2260

Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity

Policy 2261.02

Title 1 - Parents Right to Know

Policy 2370.01

Virtual Instruction

Policy 2416

Student Privacy and Parental Access to Information

Policy 2431

Interscholastic Athletics

Policy 5111

Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students for Enrollment

Policy 5111.01

Homeless Students

Policy 5111.02

Educational Opportunity for Military Children

Policy 5112

Entrance Requirements

Policy 5113

Open Enrollment for Nonresident Students

Policy 5200


Policy 5320


Policy 5335.01

Diet Modifications

Policy 5341

Emergency Medical Authorization

Policy 5500

Student Code of Conduct

Policy 5517

Anti-Harassment and Violence

Policy 5517.01


Policy 5530

Substance Abuse Prevention

Policy 5600

Student Discipline

Policy 5610.04

Suspension of School Transportation Privileges and Exclusion from School Bus

Policy 5611

Discipline - Student Due Process Rights

Policy 5771

Search and Seizure

Policy 5772


Policy 5780

Student/Parent Rights

Policy 8330

Student Records

Policy 8431

Preparedness for Toxic Hazard and Asbestos Hazard

Policy 9150

School Visitors